Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the live viewing with the class but did watch it later on HBO Max.

It was pretty interesting seeing the ins and out in the movie especially how some things were very futuristic. It is very amazing how in 1982 they expected the future to be but of course we all have our different looks on the future and what it will be like. One thing that i did enjoy from the futuristic scene is the camera film that he used to print images, and the cop car.

One scene in the film that caught my attention was when Leon was fighting Deckard and they were fighting and he smacked the gun out of his hand. Thanks to Rachel Deckard was still alive but Leon stated “time to die”. When she first shot I was hoping the bullet didn't hit both of them. They were some other parts that were interesting to me but….

Overall, this movie was very interesting but in the beggining I was a little confused in the movie at first but once reading a summary it helped me understand some things that was going on. It basically started off with some people coming to try and get a retired cop to work for them as Bladerunner again to help track some replicants (artificial creatures who looked like humans).